New York Fashion Week went to Brooklyn for Alexander Wang’s Spring 2018 fashion show

A #wangfest party bus, a remote street in Brooklyn, screaming fans, celebrity sightings, and surveillance cameras. Sounds like a scene from a movie, but these were the sights and sounds leading up to Fashion Designer Alexander Wang taking over Brooklyn for New York Fashion Week.

The street was transformed into Wang’s private runway outside under the night sky of New York.  Some where between a typical New Year’s Eve night and a regular Saturday nigh out in New York City, the 32 piece collection, like the show, made a statement that we were all here to party.

And with a sexy cool girl vibe, if sexy ever left, Wang definitely brought it back by combining various textures and pieces to give more of a disheveled sexy look. While  the little black dress, leather pants, and the over-size sweater paired with fish net stockings, gave us the signature party looks we all know and love.  Some models wore New Year’s Eve style crowns that read Party Animal and Wangover, which completed the party look and vibe of the entire collection.


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