Rise (Book Review)


“Rise” the long awaited novel by author D.U. Okonkwo will make its debut tomorrow… January 6, 2015.This highly anticipated novel did not disappoint, I was immediately invested in the story, and I think there is something in this novel that everyone can relate to.

Author D.U. Okonkwo did an amazing job of creating the world and emotions of the main character Ria. At times I found myself identifying with the emotions of the character as Ria was faced with the trials and tribulation of being forced out of her comfort zone. What Ria discovers in not only a world that she has been isolating herself from…but Ria finds herself…her strengths and her weakness and emerges a stronger version of herself.

This novel is definitely the perfect book to start off the New Year with, and definitely the perfect book to start off that new book club that you have been meaning to organize. Ria’s story teaches us that the things we fear the most in life…Are the very things that will set us free. This novel was entertaining, educational, and inspirational…And I highly recommend it.

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