White Water

White-Water(Book)“White Water” made its debut in 2011 and it is inspired by a true story…the story of Michael S. Bandy… one of the co-authors of this book.

It took several years for White Water to become a children’s book and the story that inspired this children’s book has become a made for TV movie that will premiere on TV One.

White Water tells the story of a young Michael excited to take a trip into town with his grandmother. What makes this children’s story unique is that it is set during a time of segregation where black and whites had to use separate facilities.

On this particular day, a white boy drinking water from a white only water fountain piqued the interest of an ambitious Michael and sparked a curiosity that only white water could cure… Or at least that is what Michael believes. Michael began to fantasize about what the water from a white only fountain must taste like….hence the story of White Water was born.

However this story is more than Michael getting a taste of water from a white only fountain, this story is about segregation through the eyes of a child. I think this book can serve as an amazing tool to teach young children about a time in our American History where equality was not so equal.

I think the Authors Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein did an excellent job telling this story in the form of a children’s’ book. The illustrator Shadra Strickland did an excellent job with her illustrations…making this book a keepsake that you would want to past on from generation to generation. This is no doubt a phenomenal book…A book that I think that every child should have an opportunity to read at least once.

And for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the White Water movie trailer here’s a link that gives you a preview of White Water the movie—->http://vimeo.com/116876993

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