From Newton, Einstein, To God (Book Review)

(small) from newton, eistein, to god

I have to be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from this book, but the title captured my attention and I was hooked from the first page on.

“From Newton, Einstein, To God” is a poetic memoir that documents the journey of the Author’s exploration of spirituality and it’s practicality from a scientific point of view.


The Author Leong Ying… Using his unique theory of combining science and religion as an Atheist Scientist… proved God’s existence by discovering a Twin Universe.


Now if you’re thinking that this some type of sci-fi novel…Well it’s not.

It’s a memoir about Leong Ying’s life written in the language of love…Poetry.

Leong Ying gives us first row seats to his life…

And we laugh as we see him as a boy who likes to play pranks and practical jokes.

And we smile as proud parents as we see him evolve from a boy to a man who writes about his scientific beliefs and cosmic truths.

But we also cry and cheer him on as we watch him overcome various obstacles in life…one of them…dyslexia.


However, it is the search for truth and the existence of God that takes center stage of Leong Ying’s Life. From Newton, Einstein, To God, there is no doubt that you will probably learn something new about spirituality, religion, and science…And yourself.

This book will definitely open your mind to exploring the Universe around you, and perhaps even encourage you to embark on your own spiritual journey. I think this is an excellent book, and it’s a book that you should read at least once in your lifetime…And I highly recommend it.

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