Spring has sprung during New York Fashion with Leanne Marshall Spring 2018 Collection

Lea New Phototastic Collage_1

The melancholy sense of the transient beauty of  the colors of spring is what fashion designer Leanne Marshall brought to life on the runway  yesterday in New York City during New York Fashion Week.

The vibrant colors  brought an ethereal feel to the runway, while the darker colors gave a sense of excitement of transitioning.   Adding an edgy feel to the collection,  bold patterns, ruffles, and asymmetrical shapes also dominated the runway. Almost like a slow metamorphosis, the collection gave a sense of rebirth when soft delicate silks and vibrant colors like yellow, teal, orange, fuchsia, and pink, emerged out of the darkness of the darker hues in a goddess like fashion.

Marshall is no stranger when it comes to creating timeless sophisticated gowns with a strong sense of femininity. She was the winner of season 5 of the reality show Project Runway and just like on the show Project Runway, Marshall is now keeping us all on the edge of our seats during New York Fashion Week, begging for more.


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