Winter will always Turn to Spring: My nam myoho renge kyo moment.

Nerisa WinterAs I sit her at my desk…occasionally looking out the window….I am listening to the calming melody of the rain drops. The window is slightly cracked to let in the sweet smell of rain flowing into my apartment. It’s now spring and the cherry blossoms outside my window have now bloomed. The aroma that is flowing through my window as the rain drops hits the petals one by one is simply heaven. It is hard to imagine that just a short month ago I was looking out my window cursing the snow fall as it hit the naked trees. It’s funny how winter can strip the trees of all its glory, sometimes making you question if there is even  life left in the those naked trees.cherry-blossom-2

So it’s been a while since I wrote about my journey as a Nichiren Buddhist, the reason why I started my first blog in the first place, a blog “Myho Ho Sisters” which has transition nicely into a “Book blog and etc.”
So in case if you haven’t read my first blog, I’ll try to help you get up to speed as much as I can.

I love books, I love to read books, I love the smell of fresh new books, and I love talking about books. Reviewing books was originally just a hobby for me, I felt the need to share with the world when I came across a book that I love.

As for Buddhism, I always had an interest in Buddhism and dab here and there in different sectors, after all who can enter into the world of yoga and not fall in love with the Philosophy of Buddhism.  However it was Nichiren Buddhism that has grounded me and giving me the foundation that I needed to pursue my passions and make the impossible…Possible.
This time last year, I had no clue what the Universe had in store for me, I felt alone in a State that I once called home. For whatever reason, every time I found myself at Newark Airport saying good-bye to the Garden State,  Each time I thought would be for the last time. However like a boomerang I found myself back at Newark Airport reluctantly saying hello to a State that has been the source of so much unhappiness and pain.

But I learned through my practice of Buddhism that things will always repeat itself, no matter how many years has gone by until you pay what you owe. Now you might be thinking… what does she mean pay what you owe. I think there are lessons designed just for us, for various reasons, but mostly to help us grow. Sometimes it helps us close a chapter in our life and sometimes it helps us start a new chapter.

Just like the seasons change, so does the karma in your life. Now we all have a different belief in Karma and what is Karma actually is. I believe that karma is a story that we write for ourselves in a different life, in a different life time… a story that we believed that no matter the circumstances we will prevail victoriously.

Sometimes bad things happen to push us in the right direction, and sometimes good things happen so we can never forget the bad times. Sometimes we have to walk through the fire of Hell to leave fiery footprints to lead others out from the darkness. There were so many things that I thought I could not do, and people I thought I could not live without, that it was so hard to believe or see beyond my own tears to realize that there is something better out there for me.

That something better… was… ME.
There is nothing better than the love story you have with yourself.
The best laugh in the world… is the laughter when you’re laughing at yourself.
What people say about you…doesn’t matter.
What people think about you…doesn’t matter

BALLERINA1o1_400What matters… is…When you are done playing your role on the stage called Life…
And you take your final bow, and the audience has left, and the lights are turned off, And you are truly happy with your performance…That’s what matters.

Life is not fair…who ever said it was…lied! So deal with it.
But…you have the power to change the things that you don’t like.  So when someone says to me what has Nichiren Buddhism taught me?
I say that Nichiren Buddhism has taught me that no matter how cold, bitter, or cruel the world is…It won’t last forever. Eventually I will bask in the sunlight and enjoy the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms outside my window. No matter how unpredictable life is …it is pretty much guaranteed….
Winter will always Turn to Spring.

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