What reviewing books about the art of photography has taught me

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I would like to say that I am a fantastic photographer… but honestly… I own a point and shoot camera.  Lately I’ve been relying on my camera phone, this is not to say that someday I won’t gift myself the perfect DSLR camera, and then add photographer to my resume.  Not don’t get me wrong…owning a DSLR will not turn me into a photographer overnight… and taking photographs with a camera phone will not make me less of a photographer.  Photography is more than owning a piece of equipment and in some aspects of being a photographer just can’t be taught.  If you don’t believe me just read photographer L.A. Cuellar’s blog post “Fashion Photography with a Smartphone”

Now I’m not sure that I will ever be able to compete with the many talented photographers in the world, but for now, I review books, and I love blogging about books. For the past few months I have had the opportunity to review some interesting books about photography and the art of photography, and of course when I review a book… if there is a lesson, tip, trick, recipe or advice…I will test the theory.

Recently I recruited photographer Fred Sly of  F.SLY Photography to help me review the photography book Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson Ceo of the largest Social Media Platform for Female Photographers Clickin Moms. I also just recently read the book Model of Influence by Nigel Barker and until now I was actually nervous about sharing some of the other photos that didn’t make the cut for the book review for Capture The Moment.  However when inquiries about the behind the scenes photographs and video clips about the photo shoot started to flood my inbox… I came up with more excuses than a politician.

But every now and then we read a book that really changes your life…recently for me… it was Models of Influence and of course I  followed the authors various interviews but was never able to make it to any of the Author Events.  However, what Nigel Barker had to say in some of his interviews and in his book really hit home. I realized the reason why it took me so long to share some of the photographs from the photo shoot was because I knew I did not fit the cookie cutter standard of beauty, and I was afraid to display my insecurities for all the world to see.

But the truth is we all have our unique beauty, I’m not perfect, I have a big forehead…so I wear lots of  hats. I don’t like my dress size…and although I try to incorporate a vegetarian diet in my daily routine…I will wrestle you down to the ground for a really good scoop of ice cream. But that’s ok…because that’s what makes me…me. Every bump, lump, and curve…I own that…and I’m proud owner of the body I was born with.

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

I also have a new-found appreciation for the art of photography…it is not easy.  Whether you’re in front of the camera…Or behind it…it’s a give and take relationship between you and the photographer for that period of time. I was fully cloth and I can’t remember a moment that I felt so naked. I felt like I gave a person the key to my soul and every single insecurity that I ever secretly had…was on display for the world to see.

Let’s face it…We all have insecurities… but we all have a gift. We are all Beautiful story tellers, and each photograph is a page out of our very own history book.  These photographs will survive long after we’re gone, and for me… when I am gone… these photographs will tell the person whose looking at them…my story.  They will know what is was like to be me on that day, at that time, at that moment.  The day I made history…The day I found Nerisa Eugenia Waterman while capturing the moment… while adding a N.E.W page to my Nerisa Eugenia Waterman book.

About the Writer Nerisa Eugenia Waterman

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Radio Co-Host for I-Netradio: (1) Author Interview and Book Review Series (2) Cooking with Nerisa (3) The Buddha Beat and (4) Current Affairs. I’m also a Foodie, Nichiren Buddhist, Fashionista, CookBook Reviewer, Book Blogger, Wine lover, and Coffee drinker who loves to travel the World. Check out my other blogs The Book Blog And Etc.Cooking and Fashion Blog…. And follow me on Goodreads.

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