True Love {Not Quite Thursday…Throwback Book Review}

Like reading pages from a diary, Jennifer Lopez revealed to the World her true love in her new memoir “True Love.”
Jennifer Lopez’s memoir made its debut on November 4, 2014.
And… what was revealed… was a story of love, joy, disappointments, heartbreaks, and her struggle with low self-esteem.

Jennifer Lopez, the mother…the actress… the singer…allowed us the readers… to sit front row and become spectators of her life. When it was first announced that Jennifer Lopez was writing a book titled “True Love” I automatically assumed it was about a whirlwind love affair…after all Jennifer Lopez is known for being a hopeless romantic.

Although… “True Love” is about a love affair…it’s about Jennifer Lopez in love with…Jennifer Lopez…the best kind of true love there is. This book really touched me in ways that I was not anticipating, it made me cry… it made me smile…and it motivated me to continue to pursue my passion in life. I think this is a book that everyone can identify with, and her story is no doubt…Inspirational.

Jennifer Lopez did an amazing job telling her story to the World, which I imagine could not have been an easy task. Once again…she has done it again…she has shown the World she is simply…Jenny from the block.
And now she can add a new title to her long list….Author.

This book was simply amazing! Watch the full Author Interview with Jennifer Lopez and Hoda Kotb at 92Y.  Courtesty of 92Y.

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