Born A Crime (A Book Review)

The most fundamental aspect for every woman and man is to leave footprints in the sands of time. The birth of a child is usually one of the most profound and exciting time of a parent’s life. For Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah the moment was set with excitement, joy, and the purest love any mother can have for a child. However, even with the deepest love, … Continue reading Born A Crime (A Book Review)

Mastering Life with Ritu Chopra {A Book Review}

What is happiness? How do we achieve happiness? What is life? And how do we master life? These are just a few questions addressed in Ritu Chopra’s book Mastering Life: Exploring your untapped potential to reach new heights.  The author gives us valuable lessons through self-evaluation, self- exploration, and self-discovery in order to achieve growth, understanding, and eventually happiness, by helping you address an important theme … Continue reading Mastering Life with Ritu Chopra {A Book Review}

Coveting the Dream {A Book Review}

Ask any immigrant about the American Dream and some might say that it doesn’t exist. In the recent waves of immigrants crashing against the shores, one can’t help but pay attention to those who were not fortune enough to make it to shore…. Alive. Once again the spotlight has been directed towards immigrants, but this is not the first time, and the truth is the … Continue reading Coveting the Dream {A Book Review}

Unbreakable: A Story og Faith and Belief {A Book Review}

“Unbreakable: A Story of Faith and Belief” is based on the real life story of the author Yaffa Golan. The author Yaffa Golan was born in Lebanon, immigrated to France, and then moved to Israel as a child. It was here in Israel life changed for the author. Yaffa Golan became the first woman to become a branch manager in a bank, she  created legal … Continue reading Unbreakable: A Story og Faith and Belief {A Book Review}

Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen {A Cookbook Review}

Ahhhh! Ceviche! The very word is like music to my ears…the ying to my yang…Raw fresh fish cooked in a citrus marinade (known as tiger’s milk) and served…well… Immediately! Although popular in the Latin American countries… Ceviche…is this Virgin Islander’s favorite dish to eat. Caribbean and Latin American cuisine…Cuisine that I call… Island Cuisine… Is a fusion of dishes from Africa, Italy, China, Japan, Indian, and … Continue reading Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen {A Cookbook Review}

Lalechka…A Book Review

“I was drowsy, but the thoughts were running endlessly in my head, keeping me from the sleep I so yearned for. It had been many months since the last time I managed to sleep a full, satisfying night. The street outside was very quiet. Unlike the previous few days, there were no gunshots, no thundering boots that shake the walls—and the cries of distress of the past nights from the Jewish quarter had ceases as well.” Continue reading Lalechka…A Book Review

Twenty Dinners {Cookbook Review}

There’s no question that chefs, actors, and musicians have more in common than we think. What once used to be a surprise…is now becoming the norm…celebrities putting on their chef’s hat and let their alter ego take over in a cookbook or cooking show. So what happens when you get an indie rocker and a photographer in the kitchen??? Oh yeah…did I forget to mention … Continue reading Twenty Dinners {Cookbook Review}