A Shift In Gears: From Ferrari Cars To Ferrari Fashion

Owning a Ferrari is definitely what luxury dreams are made of and this fashion season the 74 year old Italian luxury sports car manufacturer made a shift in gears and debuted their first ever in-house fashion collection in Italy.

Ferrari is far from the first luxury car brand to venture in the business of fashion and plans to sell its fashion line through its stores and online. The show took place in the Ferrari plant in Maranello, in northern Italy, with a catwalk set up on the assembly line for the “Prancing Horse” V12 sports cars.

A native of Calabria in the south of Italy, creative director, former Armani designer Rocco Iannone, created a ready-to-wear collection aimed to please both women and men of a younger generation with sizes ranging from XXXS to XXXL. The gender-neutral collection was designed with the intention of introducing the Ferrari brand to a new generation that might not be familiar with the Ferrari lifestyle in attempts to grow the Ferrari fan base. In addition to it’s in-house fashion line, Ferrari has also extended its brand to include a new restaurant in its hometown of Maranello, Italy.

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