Mumm House unveils the secrets of Usain Bolt’s success

Usain Bolt proved that his incredible talents go far beyond being the fastest man on the planet when he was appointed the new ‘CEO’ of Maison Mumm last year.  Maison Mumm released a new video, in which new CEO Usain Bolt passes on his personal tips for coming out a winner.

As Mumm’s Chief Entertainment Officer for the past year, Usain has inspired the world with his positive mindset by creating daring celebrations with a distinctive Mumm touch. This bold new production shows him revealing an unexpectedly intimate side, in a series of slickly choreographed routines worthy of a professional dancer.

For the first time ever, the video shows an elite athlete raising the curtain on the secrets to his success. Usain Bolt radiates a winning attitude before even hitting the starting blocks, and his personal method defies convention: “Don’t win to celebrate, celebrate to win.” That message establishes Mumm as a Maison with a strong point of view and a mindset focused on panache and positive thinking: in short, a true icon of victory and celebration.

Mumm’s distinctive bottle is the ultimate expression of victory celebrations and a tribute to the achievements of sportsmen everywhere. The video is a new chapter in the daring history of the Maison Mumm. Edgy and unconventional, the film – directed by the talented Luis Cervero (having worked for Pharell Williams, Justice, etc.) – features the athlete and the former Jamaican Miss Universe contestant Yendi Philipps in an up-to-the-minute expression of Maison Mumm’s signature values of Dare. Win. Celebrate.


Celebrate your #NextVictory

Please drink responsibly.

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