Halloween On Parade in New York City for the 44th Year

Last night as children and adults lined the streets in their Halloween costumes for the New York City 44th Halloween Parade, the all too real reality of the threat of terrorism loomed over New York City as the sun set. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the victims and to those injured in the horrific act that took place hours before the Halloween parade in New York City. The tragic incident left eight people dead and 11 injured in what police are calling a terrorist attack.

In the spirit of unity and solidarity, a decision was made to continue with the tradition of the Halloween parade as a symbolism that New Yorkers will not live in fear. With visible increase police presences, thousands of Halloween goers lined the streets of Greenwich Village for the 44th Annual Village Halloween Parade.

Riding in a New Orleans Style float was this year’s Grand Marshal, recording artist Anjelica. Musicians, dancers, bands, floats, and costume wearers were in full attendance, and of course, a Halloween celebration is not a celebration without Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Complete with choreography from Michael Jackson’s 1982 music video, hundreds participated in the “Thriller Dance,” which happened to be my favorite part of the evening.  The annual New York City Marathon is scheduled for this Sunday (November 5, 2017) and will go on as planned.

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