Catherine Njoo presented her New York Fashion Week Collection during NYFW FIRST STAGE : Indonesian Diversity

Native to the Indonesian island of Bali, characterized by intricate finger movements, expressive gestures, facial expressions, and impressive complicated footwork,  Legong, enacts traditional stories through a refined dance.

Finding inspiration from this dance, Indonesian Fashion Designer Catherine Njoo, presented her New York Fashion Week collection  Legong  during NYFW: First Stage. Catherine Njoo’s namesake label was established in 2013, the label is a couture and ready to wear fashion label based in Indonesia. Her collections combined traditional Indonesian fabrics with modern style.

Embed from Getty Images


NYFW: First Stage is the newest fashion platform for  international designers to showcase their designs during New York Fashion Week. The shows ran from September 7 to 11 at The Gallery at the Dream Downtown hotel.


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