On The Feast Lane With Celebrated Chef Digby Stridiron

Known for creating his own House Rules and redefining the definition of fine dining in the Caribbean with his restaurant balter, located in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Digby Stridiron is changing the narrative, and is narrating a new story in Charleston, South Carolina, as the Executive Chef for the forthcoming Parcel 32.

I am so pleased to have chef Stridiron join the Patrick Properties family,” said Patrick Properties Hospitality Group (PPHG) CEO Randall Goldman. The Patrick Properties Hospitality Group (PPHG) with inspiring and unparalleled backdrops for special events in downtown Charleston, S.C., has been affectionately restoring landmark properties and historic estates since 1997.

Stridiron with his signature juxtapose of textures, colors, and flavors has created a cult following of food enthusiasts that has leads us throughout the South, the Caribbean, and back to the South again.  His culinary creations earned balter and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands a place on the 2017 USA Today 10 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean readers’ choice award.

Bringing more than 18 years of culinary experience, Stridiron and his culinary creations have been featured in publications like Travel and Leisure, Coastal Living, and The New York Times. Once Stridiron spotted the need for the bar to be raised in what was considered fine dining in the Caribbean, his conviction for opening balter in his native home of St. Croix was unshakable.

Now on a new venture, Stridiron takes us along the feast lane to Charleston, South Carolina. Parcel 32 is slated to open in the late fall of 2017 in Charleston at 442 King Street. Stridiron however will make his Charleston debut during the prestigious James Beard Foundation (JBF) Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner on Thursday, September 21st at the historic Lowndes Grove Plantation.

The dinner will highlight local producers and 10 celebrated chefs. “Chef Stridiron is particularly passionate about local seafood and the historical aspects of food, and these are two important facts I considered in our decision to hire him for the Parcel 32 executive chef position,” said (PPHG) CEO Randall Goldman.

The James Beard Foundation’s mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone.

With roots deeply rooted in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can take the man out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the man. Stridiron’s love of family, culture, history, heritage, and food, is the fuel for his passion to understand and perfect the universal language of a food. A language that binds us all from the east to the west, to the north to the south.

A passion, and a universal language, that Stridiron will now take to the kitchen of Parcel 32 in the south. “I am honored to accept this job with (PPHG) and have the opportunity to showcase my cooking style, which will be seasonal ingredients with regional recipes that will represent the flavors and heritage of coastal Charleston” said Stridiron.


Honoring the history of the original King Street block noted on Charleston’s 1888 map by Sanborn Map & Publishing Co., the restaurant location formerly known as Fish, which closed its doors last month after 17 successful years, will re-emerge with a new coastal south concept, a new name, and a new culinary story written by a new author, Executive Chef Digby Stridiron. “I am very passionate about the coastal south and am excited to be cooking in Charleston,” stated Stridiron.

With an already burgeoning food scene, if travel makes you rich, then Charleston is a food destination you will be the poorer for never having the experience of its food scene. People want to understand the story behind the food they are eating and Stridiron will now become Charleston’s newest storyteller.


Disclaimer: A version of this article appeared on the World News Network on August 23, 2017 written by me (Nerisa Eugenia Waterman) as part of the World News Network Community News with the same title On The Feast Lane With Celebrated Chef Digby Stridiron

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