Anne Burrell and The Spotted Cheetah takes New York City to a Cheetos filled Nirvana

If you are a cheese lover and you’re absolutely in love with Cheetos, then Food Network Star Chef Anne Burrell had a very big surprise for you. Complete with an orange carpet and cheetah print table cloths The Spotted Cheetah opened its doors to guest in New York City on Tuesday night, and closed its door last night. On the menu, Cheetos filled entrees and appetizers.

Image result for the spotted cheetah

However, if you didn’t score a seat to the sold out pop up restaurant, you can still enjoy the Cheetos filled recipes at home with a free downloadable Digital Cookbook. Just head over to The Spotted Cheetah website and download  The Spotted Cheetah Digital Cookbook . Please note the download might take a few minutes.

In the words of Chester Cheetah “it ain’t easy being cheesy,”  but I can tell you it was definitely fun trying.


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