Manish Malhotra: India Couture Week 2017

Like two star-crossed lovers in the middle of the night, Malhotra has departed the runway, and India Couture Week 2017 has come to an end, leaving us yearning for more, and leaving us countdown the days until the next India Couture Week.   Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has created a platform to promote the Indian Fashion Industry and Indian Fashion Designers.

Tonight in India marked the last evening of the 2017 India Couture Week with designer Manish Malhotra headlining the week of shows and a decade of couture.  At the Taj Palace, in the capital, best known for introducing the concept of styling in Bollywood, designer  Manish Malhotra presented his collection titled “Sensual Affair.”

Malhotra also known for his unapologetic flair to design, created an elaborate collection of luxury, sophistication, and sensuality, embodying the spirit of every woman and man.  According to Malhotra, sensuality has always been the man’s domain.  However, Malhotra created his collection with the sensuality and desires of a woman in mind.

With bold designs, and a grand statement of elegance, the collection had an ethereal feel  that left every woman suspended in time wrapped in Malhotra’s love letter to women.  A letter with a message celebrating  women and reminding women that we own our sensuality.

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