Destination Florida: Redefining the Culinary Journey in Florida with the restaurant Monger by the Voltaggio Brothers, Chef Bryan and Chef Michael Voltaggio


Dolly Parton once said that her weakness has always been food and men…in that order. In the State of Florida, you will find no shortage of chefs, food artisans, and food enthusiasts redefining the culinary scene.  With its vibrant colors, diverse culture, and agriculture that provides a plethora options, making Florida a mecca that has attracted many award-winning chefs. No matter what road you choose in Florida, you will always be lead to the ultimate culinary experience, and in 2017, if you don’t want to take a road, you can now relax in comfort and take the train.

MiamiCentral and Brightline has come together to bring you Central Fare, the ultimate urban marketplace. “This will be a new gathering place, a unique culinary destination showcasing the talents of both and national artisans, tastemakers, and chefs” said David McIntyre, Senior Vice President of operations from MiamiCentral and Brightline.

MiamiCentral is a new 11-acre mixed use development is the heart of Downtown Miami and the future home of the Brightline train service. The project which is the first of its kind in Florida, will feature 20 food and retail purveyors, and 6 restaurants. Connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, Brightline, is helping redefine the meaning of culinary tour by enhancing the culinary journey by making the places we love to eat more accessible by train.

Monger, located in the heart of Central Fare, will be the signature dining experience and the first collaborative restaurant in Florida, by the Voltaggio Brothers, Bryan and Michael Voltaggio.  Monger is a 10,000-square foot restaurant where guest can curate their own meals.  The restaurant will have separate kitchens that will coordinate with the dining areas representing its three distinct culinary sources such as the green grocer, the fish monger, and the butcher.  This concept will give diners and up close and personal experience, evoking the intimate feeling of dining at home among artwork, residential furniture and custom design lighting.

Bryan and Michael Voltaggio best known for their time on Bravo’s Emmy winning season of Top Chef and their 2011 co-authored cookbook,” has also been featured on the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and the Food Network. The idea behind the restaurant is to make it a guest driven restaurant.  “Brightline is connecting people to and from their destination.  We’re doing the same thing with the menu,” says Michael Voltaggio.  “We’re providing the ingredients.  We’re cooking for you.  You decide what that destination is.”




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