Blowing Off A Little Steam

The unseasonably high temperatures in November and December of 2015 was a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I got to show off my perfectly pedicured toes while wearing sandals and a curse because I was suffering from a combination of seasonal allergies and what I think was the flu.
Image result for high temperatures in december
So when an opportunity was presented to me to review The Air-N-Mist Oasis Portable Humidifier in exchange for a review…Well…I jumped at the chance. The Air-N-Mist Oasis Portable Humidifier arrived at my doorstep with 48 hours and it came in a nick off time. I was at a point where breathing and talking at the same time was becoming an option.
air n mist
The Air-N-Mist Oasis Portable Humidifier is a tank-less humidifier which makes it simple to use and simply to travel with. You simply use one of the 2 bottle neck adapters with a personal size water bottle that you would normally take to the gym or stick in a back pack…please don’t try to attach a jug of water and expect this to work with the neck adapters. After you have attach the adapter to the bottle of water, attach the base and flip upside down and plug into a USB power supply. I placed the humidifier on my night stand and I was able to sleep comfortably with my cold medicine cocktail for several nights.
The only downside with this humidifier  is that the blue light is not optional. However this  did not prevent me from going to sleep, although I prefer my room to be completely dark, there were times that the humidifier light started to flash which woke me up.  Nonetheless, I am very happy with my product and I have traveled with it quite frequently in my carry on luggage. To date, I’ve had no problem with leakage, the stream is steady, the machine is quiet, and the only thing I can say bad about the humidifier is…I really wish the light was optional.
Legal Notice:
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All views expressed in this review are based on my experience with this product. Individual opinions and results may vary.

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