Unbreakable: A Story og Faith and Belief {A Book Review}

Yaffa_Unbreakable: A Story of Faith and Belief” is based on the real life story of the author Yaffa Golan.

The author Yaffa Golan was born in Lebanon, immigrated to France, and then moved to Israel as a child. It was here in Israel life changed for the author.

Yaffa Golan became the first woman to become a branch manager in a bank, she  created legal precedents for benefits entitled to Holocaust survivors from the German Social Security pension for ghetto employees, and despite her trials and tribulations she became a very successful business woman.

Growing up in poverty the author really hit home what it means to value the simple pleasures in life. Her message that you can achieve any and anything despite the challenges rang loud and clear throughout the pages of her book.  This is definitely a story that will really make you stop and realize there is nothing that you can’t accomplish in life as long as you have faith, strength, love, and determination.




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