Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen {A Cookbook Review}

Ahhhh! Ceviche! The very word is like music to my ears…the ying to my yang…Raw fresh fish cooked in a citrus marinade (known as tiger’s milk) and served…well… Immediately!

Although popular in the Latin American countries… Ceviche…is this Virgin Islander’s favorite dish to eat. Caribbean and Latin American cuisine…Cuisine that I call… Island Cuisine… Is a fusion of dishes from Africa, Italy, China, Japan, Indian, and Spain… just to name a few. Each island’s cuisine is as unique as person’s handwritten signature, however we never lose the flair that makes Caribbean and Latin America cuisine so exotic…Love.
Each meal is a love story… love of history…love of family…love of culture…and love for our islands. The beautiful fruit, provisions and seafood…well…is just a small taste of the love letter the island has written for us in return…And this cookbook is Martin’s Morale’s Love Letter to Peru.

“Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen” by Martin Morales is more than just a ceviche recipe cookbook…. so don’t let the name of the cookbook fool you…Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen is your plane ticket to Peru and its culinary world….not only in the kitchen… but on the streets, with its street food recipes…and in the bar, with its drink recipes …and in the Peruvian bakery, with its dessert recipes… as well as, salad recipes, meat recipes and so much more…
And the accompanied photographs…well….they are beautiful postcards that will make your heart yearn for the sweet smell of mangoes…the beautiful music of the ocean waves…and for freshest seafood that will bring tears to your eyes from delight. Everything that you would ever need to bring Peru to your kitchen is in this cookbook at your finger tips, everything… except… Martin Morales and his cutting board.

This cookbook is actually what this island girl needed, the winter nights has slowly replaced the fall nights and summer is just a faded memory…And this cookbook transported me back home to my favorite island kitchen. Of course, a cookbook review is not a review without some kitchen tasting. As always, a special thank you to my volunteers… choosing recipes and taste testing is always a stressful job.

I decided to go off the beaten path and try something different instead of the famous Don Ceviche, although we will be cooking our way through this entire cookbook, so stay tune for more blog post. I decided to try a salad recipe “Ceviche De Mango (Mango Ceviche) and this recipe will have you running to the bookstore for this cookbook. In addition, I tried a Street Food Recipe “Bolas De Yuca (Cassava & Cheese Croquettes)… and of course a drink recipe “Toro Mata”… and in case you didn’t know…Toro Mata is the name of a popular Afro-Peruvian song.
You can also read an excerpt of the cookbook my following this link http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/235434/ceviche-peruvian-kitchen-by-martin-morales/#praise

If you want to bring Peru in your kitchen…then this is definitely the cookbook for you. If you are fortunate enough to be in Soho, London check out Martin Morale’s restaurant “Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen” or sister restaurant “Ardina” in Shoreditch, London. You can also find Martin Morales cooking some of his famous dishes on YouTube.

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