See Ya Next Year Photoville!

Even though Photoville are moving containers and the containers have now left Brooklyn Bridge Park, it doesn’t mean that the conversation should stop. As always please keep supporting photographers and their work – check out their websites, go to their openings, spread the word.

PHOTOVILLE – New York City’s FREE premier photo destination produced by United Photo Industries – is a modular venue built from re-purposed shipping containers.

By creating a physical platform for photographers of all stripes to come together and interact, Photoville provides a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse audience – a veritable cross-section of the world photographic community.

And just in case you didn’t make it to Photoville this year…Don’t worry they will be back next year.  This year was definitely epic with a great turn out despite the weather. I definitely cannot  wait until next year, but in the meantime, let’s reminisce with some photographs taking for I-NetRadio by photographer Fred Sly.

Please click on each individual photograph for a larger view. Photography Credit: Fred Sly

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