“Circling The Sun” by Paula McLain

Photo Credit: Fred Sly Courtesy of F.Sly Photography
Photo Credit: Fred Sly
Courtesy of F.Sly Photography

“Time won’t do a thing. You should have a proper wife, one who wants to care for you and have a dozen children and all of it. That’s not me. “
He turned with the drink is his hand, and I could see the hard edge inside him, its silhouette as clear and sharp as if he were his own faraway mountain. I had caught him off guard.
“You don’t love me, then.” He said it coldly and cleanly.
“We don’t really even know each other. Do we?”

Paula McLain the New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Paris Wife”… Captives Us…One More Time…With her new book…”Circling The Sun.”

Photo Credit: Nina Subin Courtesy of Random House Books
Photo Credit: Nina Subin Courtesy of Random House Books

Circling The Sun is a historical fiction that transports us to Africa in the early 1900’s “Before Kenya was Kenya, when it was millions of years old and yet still somehow new.”
Here in Africa we have traveled several decades as the companion of Beryl Markham the main character… as she tells us the story of her life.

Circling in the Sun once again puts the sunlight on real life British born Kenyan Author, Aviator, Race Horse Trainer, and Adventurer Beryl Markham who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west, and was also the first licensed female racehorse trainer at the age of 18.

Beryl Markham was no doubt a complicated woman…that lived a very complicated life.
The author Paul McLain did a remarkable job bringing the spirit of Beryl Markham to life in the pages of this book… each page but more intriguing than the page before it.
And just like the Sun…A star that centers the solar system… And the most important source of energy for life on Earth. Beryl in many ways metaphorically circled the solar system throughout the various stages of her life and discovered that with every failure, disappointment, and heartache that she was the sun, and the light that she was circling from the sun, was her own.

This is definitely a must read, must have book, and I highly recommend that you curl up with this book and let the author transcend your senses to Africa.

Exclusive book signing event with Random House and author Paula McLain at The Red Door NY
Exclusive book signing event with Random House and author Paula McLain at The Red Door NY

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About the Author Paula McLain

Paula McLain

Paula McLain was born in Fresno, California in 1965. After being abandoned by both parents, she and her two sisters became wards of the California Court System, moving in and out of various foster homes for the next fourteen years. When she aged out of the system, she supported herself by working as a nurses aid in a convalescent hospital, a pizza delivery girl, an auto-plant worker, a cocktail waitress–before discovering she could (and very much wanted to) write. She received her MFA in poetry from the University of Michigan in 1996. Since then, she has received fellowships from the corporation of Yaddo, the MacDowell Colony, the Ucross Foundation, the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her first book of poetry, Less of Her, was published in 1999 from New Issues Press and won a publication grant from the Greenwall Fund of the Academy of American Poets. She’s also the author of a second collection of poetry, Stumble, Gorgeous, a memoir, Like Family: Growing Up In Other People’s Houses, and the novel, A Ticket to Ride. Her book The Paris Wife, a fictional account of Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage and upstart years in 1920’s Paris, as told from the point of view of his wife, Hadley. Her most recent book Circling the Sun, a historical fiction about the life of Beryl Markham.  She lives with her family in Cleveland.

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