Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and I celebrate the warm spring weather

PRETTYPOWERFULI’ve traded in my Winter boots for some Summer sandals and I am feeling #PrettyPowerful with my 5 minute make up lesson from Makeup Artist Karissa. If you are a follower of my Book Blog and Etc. then you know that I am advocate of the #PrettyPowerful Campaign. Although I’m usually blogging about the amazing creation by Bobbi Brown makeup Artist April De Stephano today I got a chance to work with a new makeup artist Karissa.

Now Karissa may be new to the Bobbi Brown as a Makeup artist but she is not new to the philosophy and concept of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics….Karissa is the second Bobbi Brown makeup artist in the family, with her aunt being the first. And it’s no surprise that Karissa would want to be part of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, after all just recently in an interview with Fern Mallis, John Lauder of Estee Lauder in which Estee Lauder is the parent company of Bobbi Brown Cosmetic stated that “Estee Lauder is not a family owned business, it’s a business run by a family.” Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is an exclusive beauty line developed by celebrated makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, And I definitely felt like I was part of that family with Karissa. Embodying the same spirit of Bobbi Brown herself… Karissa helped me welcome in the warm spring weather with a 5 minute look. Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Karissa

So for my look…Karissa gave me a very simple quick makeup enhancement, I don’t want to say make over because the trick to looking natural in any makeup look is to enhance your best quality.

Step 1: We always start with a clean and moisture face. Here a hydrating face cream was applied, this helps the foundation to go on flawlessly. In this case, we opted out of the use of foundation.

Step 2: We added a little blush to my cheeks, we used apricot #6

Step 3: The lips…We used pink #6 and hot pink #6 lip gloss
Step 4: We filled in those sparse eyebrows of mine with the color mahogany with an eye brow brush.
Step 5: We used Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara.

Nerisa Bobbi Brown 5minute lookAnd last…but not least…I kind of smiled for the camera as Karissa answered questions from onlookers. One question in particular that seemed to be popular…
What is the proper way of applying blush to the cheeks?
The Answer: With a smile. That’s right.
Smile when you apply blush to your cheeks, look for the apple of your cheeks, this is where you naturally blush. Just make sure to blend the color all the way back to your hairline.

Thank You to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Makeup Artist Karissa for my makeup look of the day. I am definitely feeling 100% Pretty Powerful 🙂

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