Ummm…So East Coast Comicon…Tell us…How do you feel about bloggers?

new york fashion weekI often get the question…How can one get into an event as press… if you’re a blogger or photographer?

I wish I could tell you that there is some magic formula that will grant you press access to the million events that happens throughout the world daily. Sometimes it’s what you know and other times it’s who you know and….other times it’s all about the presentation.
Many establishments have many different criteria in which they approved a request for a press pass; many times it’s good to have a platform to showcase other events you have attended.

Participating in an event as an volunteer is also a good way to have access to an event you are interested in covering, it gives you behind the scenes access. Word to the wise…Please make sure that you ask for permission to tweet, take a photo, or interview the guests during your break or lunch hour…after all you made a commitment to volunteer. And if its an event you really want to cover… And you can afford the ticket price…then go for it…just ask about the photography and video recording policy ahead of time.

So with the comic con craze, many bloggers and photographers new… and old… often find themselves on the wait list for various comic con events…New York and San Francisco being the most popular comic con events (according to my comic con pals). But who can blame us…how often we get to let our inner Superhero out and enjoy others while they do the same and tell the story through our writing and photographs. However just recently a blogger looked into getting a press pass for the east coast comic con… bringing this to my attention….1st here’s a direct link right here—> And this is what they have to say about bloggers wanting press passes.


Press Passes

Everybody wants one, everybody has a blog. We’ve found that coverage of the con, during the con does little to promote our efforts. We have a finite amount of tickets and we can’t give them out to everyone who wishes to shoot some video or chat to a comic creator — yes, we’re mean terrible people because we don’t want to let you in for free. For the most part, your blog posts do not help us spread the word about our con. How do we know this? We’ve polled our customers. Why do other cons let bloggers and podcasters into their cons for free? Perhaps they haven’t done their homework to find out what helps for promotion. So please don’t feel ill of us, we’re glad you love comics enough to write or blog about the art form, but we just can’t justify granting all the requests we get; and we get a lot.

Don’t believe what you’re reading… well…here’s a beautiful screen shot of the web page…Yes… I know I have a lot of browser windows open..I am a multi-tasker. Now whether we are photographers or bloggers…it’s not easy doing what we do. For every reader that hEast Coast Comiconas read our blog post, or seen our photos on instagram, or read a tweet…it’s advertisement.  Advertisement that will last longer than any editoral in a magazine or newspaper article. Youtube videos that will outlast any television commerical. Instagram photos that will last longer than any billboard advertisement. And guess what? All it costed you east coast comicon was a press pass and early access. And no matter what.. if the publicity is good…or if the publicity is bad…you still get …Free Publicity. Free publicity that will live on in the world of social media long after you turn off that last light switch.  By the way in regards to free publicity…You’re Welcome.  And this comes from a blogger that’s not interested in a press pass for the east coast comicon.

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