Vegan Ice Cream [ThrowBack Thursday Cookbook Review]

I18339874 scream….. You scream…. We all scream….for “Vegan Ice Cream”

There is one thing I love….. and that is the perfect scoop of a unique flavored ice cream. The pursuit of ice cream has leaded me to some very interesting places. So imagine by delight when I received a copy of the cookbook “Vegan Ice Cream” on my doorstep gifted to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.

Of course winter is hopefully whining down and the cold air of those brisk winter nights will be replaced by hot summer nights, and with Spring right around the corner…Let’s be honest…the calendar says Spring but I’m still in my winter gear.  However, this ice cream cookbook is the perfect treat for any night..regardless if there’s snow on the ground or not.

Now before you start making excuses about not having an ice cream maker, there are several methods for making ice cream without an ice cream machine. My personal favorite I call “kick the can”, others may call it the “coffee can ice cream method”. There is also the stir every 20 minutes in the freezer method, but it holds you hostage to the freezer.

However, nothing beats the simplicity of the good old ice cream maker when it comes to making ice cream. Nonetheless, no matter what method you choose, the end result is yummy ice cream. However, please note some of the recipes require you to have a blender in addition to the ice cream maker. 

But if you are interested in learning how to make ice cream without an ice cream machine, this website explains all six techniques.

Just click here

The cookbook Vegan Ice Cream is completely diary free, however the base for most, but not all of the ice cream recipes, is organic cashews. I… an avid lover of nuts always have cashews around, but if you have a nut allergy this ice cream book may or may not be for you…like I said before….. most, not all, of the recipes uses cashew as the base. So there is something for everyone in the Vegan Ice Cream cookbook to keep everyone in the family happy and healthy.

The recipes in this cookbook most definitely made this island girl happy, with over 90 sinfully delicious ice cream recipes to choose from. Of course you all know I love coffee, just as much as I love ice cream, and so I had a few empty coffee cans waiting to be turned into my quick ice cream makers and I made three ice cream flavors from this cookbook…yes, that’s right….three (3). Vanilla Ice Cream

I started with the “Pineapple Mango” ice cream recipe that used coconut milk as the base and it was simple delicious and creamy. The second recipe I tried was “Banana” and this was my absolutely favorite and this one turned out to be the creamiest out of all. The third recipe I tried was “Raw Gingersnap” this recipe used almond milk and fresh ginger juice as the base and it was not my personal cup of tea (flavor wise), but my neighbor enjoyed it and it did have a silky texture like regular ice cream. However, I am willing to try the “Raw Gingersnap” recipe again, but with the addition of perhaps honey, this ice cream recipe was simply not sweet enough for me…. but that’s just my personal taste.

So if you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream, vegan ice cream is definitely a good alternative. I enjoyed all three flavors, some more than others, and if you have time and the patience that is required to make the vegan ice cream properly, regardless of what method you choose, you will have a creamy textured vegan ice cream. I think this book is definitely worth adding to your cookbook collection.

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