Blackface meets the Catwalk in Milan Fashion Week

Say it isn’t so…The Sparkly Black Face on the Catwalk.

Now I am all about creativity and pushing the envelope all in the name of Fashion…after all creativity is my middle name.  However…the only thing I want to give this designer is… my middle…glittered… finger. Now would it be pretty? Yes.  Offensive? Yes…But being offensive is not my intention.  Now…Did I make my point? I sure hope so…so let’s not have this conversation again.

Designer Claudio Cutugno sent his models down the catwalk with their faces painted black… with a touch of glitter. For the record this collection was inspired by the artist Emilio Isgrò, who regularly uses bees in his art…I’m thinking Claudio Cutugno should have just stucked to using…bees.

Now I really don’t understand this… The first time I saw this I was appalled. Blackface is more than makeup, it’s the ugliest stereotypes of African Americans, and it’s a characterization of slaves and free blacks during the era of minstrel shows (1830-1890).
Minstrel shows were designed to entertainment White America by imitating Black America.

Now I don’t want to beat a dead horse…but I always like to remind people that we are not that far removed from slavery and segregation. The scars from a time in America when equality was not so equal…hasn’t complete healed yet. Now throw some glitter on it as if it was a party… racist connotations or not… Nerisa has left the building.

Copyright Holder: Kit Parker Films

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