I-NETRADIO (Monday, February 23, 2015)

Mon Feb 23 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Being ‪Charitable‬ Helping Others – Nerisa Waterman and James Tuthill look at the Highest Rated ‪#‎Charities‬ in ‪#‎America‬ where your money actually goes to the cause and you do something good for the world and you feel good too. And we tell you where the 5 biggest ‪‎American‬ ‪‎Philanthropists‬ gave their money too. 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EST ‪#‎NY‬ ‪#‎Miami‬ ‪#Baltimore‬ –   10 AM ‪#‎SanFrancisco‬ – 12 Noon ‪#‎Sioux‬ City

James and Nerisa

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