Sports Illustrated’s FIRST HEALTHY sized model

Sports Illustrated made one small step for Man by featuring  Robyn Lawley, a size 14 Australian model on their cover.  However… Mankind missed the leap when Robyn Lawley was referred to as the first Plus Sized Model to be featured on Sports Illustrated.




In our forever changing world, where fashion trends come and go, what is the definition of “plus size” in the fashion industry.  Do Fashion Designers really think that we are made up of a world of size 0 women. Is the real problem that we as society have an unrealistic expectation of what a model should look like, or has Fashion Designers brainwashed us to believe that there designs could only look good on a body that is size 0 or a size 2.


 So is the problem society or the fashion industry? Let’s be honest, a dress on a fashion model will never look the same on the average woman. If a Fashion Designer cannot design clothing for the real woman, then who are they designing for.  The average woman has some things that the average model does not…curves.  So in regards to Robyn Lawley being referred to the first plus size model, I think that statement is misleading. Robyn Lawley is the first healthy size model who represents 95% of women around the world…making her truly the girl next door.

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