Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Book Review)

Golden Son in the Snow_nThe “Golden Son” book two of the Red Rising Trilogy is made its debut on January 6, 2015.

The story of the “Golden Son” introduces us to Darrow, but this time a few years later where “Red Rising” left off.  Darrow once a Red, a miner in the interior of Mars, has now disguises himself as Gold, and has infiltrated their command school.

The Author Pierce Brown did not disappoint in evoking every emotion known to man, and just like the novel “Red Rising,” the “Golden Son” was definitely the continuation of this love affair that we have with the Red Rising Trilogy that we just can’t end and walk away from.

And true to form, just like a love affair, it made me fall deeply in love again, it excited me, it made me angry me … And it kept me begging for more with the most amazing twists and turns.

And if you thought Red Rising left you breathless…

Brace yourself… And be prepared for the ride of your life.

The Golden Son is going to make love to your mind…And leave you at the end yearning for more of the Red Rising Trilogy with the most Amazing…Bloodydamn…Well…let’s just say Cliffhanger.

I didn’t think it was possible…Author Pierce Brown not only managed to captivate me with his debut novel “Red Rising”…but he has managed to create something even more phenomenal than the first, which is very rare for an author to accomplish. We watched Darrow emerged as a hero in Red Rising, and now we see Darrow not only as the hero…but Darrow the man who is faced with inner conflicts of who he really is… And who he has become.

The Golden Son is no doubt the prelude to the perfect ending to a perfect storm…living up to my high expectations.  I cannot wait for Book 3 of the Red Rising Trilogy… The Golden Son is a must have, must read for 2015, and I highly recommend this book. Word to the wise, the Golden Son is a book you want to read after Red Rising.

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