Widow Basquiat (Book Review)

ArtWidowBasquiat has always been an essential part of self-expression in the African American Culture.

From the spoken words of music…To the unspoken words of visual expression…And Jean Michel Basquiat left his mark on the World as not only one of the most amazing African American Artist…But as one of the most amazing Artist of his time.

As a huge fan of Jean Michel Basquiat work, I could not wait to get my hands on this book.

First, I must warn you… if you are looking for a chronological order of the trials of tribulation of the love story of Suzanne Mallouk a.k.a. Widow Basquiat and Jean Michel Basquiat…Then… this book is not for you. This story is told in the form of poetry…the language of L…O… V… E ….which in a sense should only enhance the love story of Jean and Suzanne.

However…A love story this is not…If you are looking for a heart wrenching love story that will bring tears to your eyes and run home and kiss your significant other…

Well…this book is definitely not for you.

In order to understand the story of Suzanne Mallouk, we must first understand the story of Jean Michel Basquiat. The life of Jean Michel Basquiat was a rag to riches story, some may say nothing less than amazing, however with fame and fortune gave birth to a new demon…drug addiction.

“Widow Basquiat” is a book of the tumultuous relationship between Suzanne and Jean told by Suzanne’s friend… Author Jennifer Clement. The mix narrative of this story often left me feeling like I was reading a teenage girl’s diary.

Now if you don’t know the story of Jean Michel Basquiat you might find this book as tantalizing as watching a reality TV show…With all of the drama of an emotional rollercoaster included.

However, if you are familiar with his story…

Well…two things can happen…this book might leave you disappointed…

Or this book may serve as a decoder ring and help you decipher the artistic works of Jean.

I think to call this story a love story is a little bit misleading…but that’s just simply my personal opinion….of my interpretation of the facts.

One…Suzanne was not in a relationship with Jean during the time of death.

Two…The only thing that made “Widow Basquait” a love story… is the fact that Suzanne and Jean both loved taking drugs.

I have no doubt that Jean and Suzanne had a deep love for each other, I just wish this book had concentrated on that a little bit more.

No…life is not all about rainbows, fairy dust, and unicorns…But honestly I’m not sure what the message in this book was suppose to be…Other than to remind us that Suzanne Mallouk was part of Jean’s life.

But most of us already knew that…

This book was like a street artist writing on a wall…Suzanne was here.

So with that said… should you read this book?

Well…I don’t see why not.

Just like everything is life…It’s all up to interpretation.

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